Jan 6, 2013

My Career Options

After completing half of my course, one thing is clear. I am definitely not ending up as a geologist. Here are the career options that appeal to me right now.

I have always wanted to be a sniper. The very idea of bursting the brains of bad guys is fascinating. Even in the FPS games, the part I enjoy the most is sniping!

Be it the fact that I got a keyboard as I couldn't get drums because of the issue of portability, or be it the fact that Mike Hannigan (from Friends) was a professional Pianist, I feel I can actually be a pianist! It is said that you can only call yourself perfect in something if you have 10,000 hours of practice, and I am short of completing even 1% of the figure, but who knows, I might gather enough patience somewhere along the way!

Make no mistake, that black thing called the turntable is no easy thing to handle- take its virtual simulations like Virtual DJ for example, but I think I would do better at being a DJ than break rocks and analyze them!

This seems to be the most (and perhaps only) pragmatic option in the list. Over the three years in a technical institute, I have realized that somewhere deep down in my heart, I really adore writing. Be it on random news, or just a real life weirdo- I have voiced my opinion on them all! A pen may be mightier than a sword, but isn't it ironical how electronic media is almost making the pen obsolete?

The Firing Dude:
Back during the Hurt Locker vs Avatar days, the movie 'Up in the Air' got nominated for an Oscar. The point I want to emphasize is the character of that George Clooney plays. He goes around the country firing people, doing the job of that bosses don't have balls to do! Well, sounds pretty interesting, doesn't it?

The Goddamn Batman:
Last but not the least, a caped vigilante is the one that sounds the best. However, with no Wayne enterprises to my name, who will be the sponsor?

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