Jan 11, 2013

Come Back Home, o Special One!

Russian rule began at the Stamford Bridge a decade ago. Ranieri's time was up soon, and then came the One. The Special One. Coming in fresh after winning the Champions League with Porto, there was perhaps nothing else he could achieve with the club. He went on to arrogantly term himself a 'special one' in a press conference, and has lived up to the term, making his home ground a fortress.

10 years on, as The Special One terms himself The Only One (to win leagues in four different countries in Europe), his old club is in a crisis- in the midst of an ego clash- between the fans and the owner- the same ego of the owner which led to him parting company with the club half a decade earlier.

Let us review some facts. Mourinho has always emphasized he loved his time in England, and would surely return some day! He has also stated that he would not manage rivals clubs of his earlier clubs (Chelsea, Inter). He recently (as of last year) was property hunting in London. His daughter still studies in London. It's possible he just loves the country and the city of London, but is there a different story, deep down?

Coming back to the Blue side of London, Rafa Benitez, a person fondly called the FSW (Fat Spanish Waiter) by football fans around the globe (including the Chelsea faithful) has been given the reins by the arrogant, rich, spoint brat of an owner. The hatred is mostly due his Liverpool days where he had memorable clashes with the then Blues manager, The Special One. The most hated words of his were perhaps the 'plastic flag' comments in a press conference. The shameless FSW even said at the first press conference as the Chelsea manager that it was just a manger defending his team, but I wouldn't want my manager to abuse rival fans! Deep down, I don't think Chelsea fans can ever forgive him for that comment, even if he makes Torres the highest scorer in Premier League, and wins the treble with Chelsea.

Games at the Brigde have been tough for Chelsea, with the di Matteo chants echoing at the 16th minute of every match. Benitez was perhaps brought in to help Torres get back his mojo, and although there were glimpses of brilliance, everything seems faded now. The fans, who have been excruciatingly patient with Torres, have also started booing him recently. With the capture of Ba, it seems Torres is also on his way out.

Abramovich may bring Messi, Ronaldo (the one with the good hair) and Falcao in, but what he fails to realize is that Mourinho can make a better team than the FIFA World XI with the current Chelsea squad. That passionate and unstoppable team can never be achieved by anyone else. He taught the team to win, and win after generating fear in the minds of the opposition. A manager who takes on the press, and also the world, for his team, what more can you get? And look at what we have now! What kind of a team loses against the lowest ranked team, following a 8-0 win three days earlier?

Elswhere, Mourinho has fallen out of favour at Madrid (maybe intentionally?), with quite a few clashes in the dressing room if we were to believe rumors. He has dropped his captain in recent matches- Casillas, aka San Iker- the untouchable captain of Spain and Real Madrid!

No matter what Mourinho says, I know, deep down, that his heart still longs for the Chelsea days. I just hope that Abramovich realizes that the only way up is to bring back the man who started it all.

Here's hoping for Mourinho's return, Benitez back to Liverpool, and the big four back in the Premier League- the good ol' days!

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