Feb 15, 2013

The Field Trip v2.0

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This blog post is the blogger's imagination loosely inspired by some of his life events over the past two weeks. Any resemblance to any other real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental

So, it's time. Time for us to pack our bags and depart for the field- only this time, it is going to be in a land far, far away! Here are the things I expect from the trip.
  • The ishtuds refuse to go to the field as the 125 bucks per day is not enough for food.
  • Rowdy is kidnapped by the locals because of the suspicious pronunciation of Nagpur as Naegpore. They mistook him for a spy.
  • Rowdy tells the kids of his co-passengers about the achievements of his daughter and how she single handedly killed a grizzly bear. The scared kids complain to their parents, who in turn, chuck Rowdy back to the rest of the group.
  • The guys get too tired of Rowdy and he is left behind as they disconnect his bogie.
  • Rowdy gets eaten by a tiger in the tiger capital of India, as he tried to snatch a plate of poha from the tigress.
  • The bus driver takes us to a naxalite locality due to miscommunication as Rowdy conveys the name of the destination to the driver through the various group leaders.
  • Miss Genius complains of the sun and refuses to get out of the bus. A carriage is booked for her convenience by the head of the transportation group with his assistant carrying an umbrella over her head.
  • The head of the Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM) offers Rowdy his position after reiterating his love for Naegpore Mines.
  • Meanwhile, Rowdy snatches the lollipops the kids get at the IBM office.
  • Some students get fascinated by the view in the labs of the IBM that they decide to leave everything. the Valentine's day hangover indeed.
  • Devdas ends up with a proposing someone every night after he gets drunk, and has no recollection of it whatsoever the next day.
  • The German Scientist vows never to visit the mines again after looking at the sorry state of affairs the country.
The next days show a lot of promise. Let's see what happens.

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