Feb 28, 2013


The fans are not helping us. At the end of the season I will leave. They don't have to worry about me. -Benitez
Ain't that music to my ears? Since Roberto di Matteo was brutally sacked just over three months ago, the Chelsea faithful have been in a constant state of revolt. The reason was not just the sacking of club legend RdM, deep down we all had hatred for the appointed successor.

Rafa Benitez has won everything available to a coach- the domestic league, domestic cups, the Champions League and the Club World Cup. Yes, as a manager, he is among the elite. However, there are larger forces at play.

During his time at Liverpool, he had many important clashes with Chelsea, and corresponding mind games with the then Chelsea manager, Mourinho. Even that would have been forgiven had he not abused the Chelsea fans, calling them 'plastic fans'.

Ever since he took over, he maintains that he did so because he was trying to fulfill his duty as a manager. But isn't that disturbing? I would not my manager to abuse rival fans! Even after being questioned repeatedly in multiple press conferences ever since, he has shown no remorse, and maintains there is no question of having regret!

In an open letter to the fans after his first victory in the Premier League (it took four games for him to do that, statistically speaking), nowhere does he mention anything about the fans. Such is his attitude and he expects the fans to get behind the team.

The fans would eventually have supported him, had he started winning. Soon after his open letter, the team departed for the Club World Cup in Japan, losing in the finals to Corinthians of Brazil. Agreed they played well, but why on Earth did Chelsea play like a high school team?

Roberto di Matteo was sacked when Chelsea were just four points behind leaders United (considering the match United took away from Chelsea by bribing the referee, Chelsea would have been at the top). Chelsea now sit NINETEEN points below United, at the fourth position. I wonder if Champions League will see Chelsea next year...

Meanwhile, FSW's Chelsea lost 2-0 at home to Swansea in the first leg of the Capital One Cup quarter finals, as the supporters kept chanting RdM's name in the 16th minute of every match.

Statistically speaking, Chelsea have won 13 of 26 matches since Benitez took charge. I am so sure that this is the worst in the Abramovich era that I don't even bother to check the winning rates of Scolari or even Ranieri.

Benitez finally accepted that he is leaving irrespective of the status of the team at the end of the season. That being said, I think it is good for both the club, its supporters and Benitez himself that he leaves.

Apparently, he has also shown anger over the fact that he was awarded the title 'interim manager'. Well, I guess he is three months too late. Listen to the full interview here.

If you ask me, a little apology even now would go a long way in helping mend his relationship with the fans. However, after he has confirmed he won't stay, I think it is time for the fans to get behind the team and make Stamford Bridge the fortress that it once was!

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