Sep 16, 2012

The Century

When I started this blog back in April '11, Tendulkar had 99 hundreds. I wondered if I could reach the hundredth post before Tendulkar completed his hundredth hundred. And then, I wanted to complete my century before Didier Drogba completed his century of Premier League goals for Chelsea! I wasn't successful in either of them, but it has been a wonderful journey nonetheless!

Transcendental Tech Talk has over 65000 hits (you read the figure right, check the counter on the top right) and a decent response. I wanted to write a long senti article for my hundredth, but decided to write these few sentences instead.

I would like to thank my readers, especially The IITian Superhero, for the occasional appreciation, and mostly the constructive criticism! I would like to thank the ones responsible for the clicks, which encouraged me to write more and more, pouring my thoughts into this!

It started out as a blog for random geeky stuff, but over time, I have transformed it into a personal diary, which is my escape from the world. I write on anything and everything, that I have an opinion on, mostly related to my college life, and football. The appearance has changed drastically over time- the Twitter Bird, the Disqus comment system, the Heart bookmarking gadget and the custom CSS here and there to personalize it; however, I have tried to keep the basic layout constant!

A wise man once said that I treat my blog as a child, and rightly so! Here's hoping that one fine day, I would write my thousandth post on this very blog!

Liked this post? Have any suggestions? Just let me know. Feel free to comment below!

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