Sep 3, 2012

5 Point (Annoying) Someone

You think being in an IIT is something like paradise? Think again! Here are a few annoying habits that I have noticed in almost every other fellow IITian.

1. Throwing Chewing Gum at the most unexpected places:
Under benches, on the corridor, at the toilet- you find these annoying sticky pieces of gum everywhere! And if you accidentally step on one, well, the less said the better. What people fail to understand is the inconvenience caused. Just wrap it up in a piece of paper before throwing it- it's that simple!

2. 'Playing' with Lifts:
The other day, I was getting down from the lift when the other guy pressed all the buttons before going out. Isn't that stupidity? I expect five year old children to behave in a better way. It's not that the person was using an elevator for the first time in his life, but he's just plain annoying.

3. That shout when the lights go off:
As it turns out, we have had quite a few power cuts in the recent past. Although our hostel has generators, it generally takes some time to kick in. The annoying part is this- the moment the lights go off, you'd hear almost everyone shouting at the top of his voice. Seriously, are you guys afraid of the dark?

4. Personal Hygiene:
Personal hygiene is pretty uncommon here. People take baths about once every week. The (stupid) reason- we're saving water! Add to it the fact the rooms are not clean, and there are some rooms which smell worse than public toilets!

5. The Cyber Know-it-all Attitude:
After clearing the JEE, there is a feeling in a lot of people that they have conquered the world. Although it generally does not affect the life in an IIT (everyone has cleared the JEE), the cyber junta gets to suffer. Usually lame ass pages of facebook are created by the 'know-it-all dude. When he can't gather enough guts to reply to a witty comment on his post, he just ends up deleting the comment, secretly hoping his crush(es) didn't read it, who he probably stalks, but ends up accusing others of stalking!

And if you are wondering, the title was (yet again) the idea of The IITian Superhero.

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