May 17, 2011

Windows 7 and Ubuntu 11.04

If you go happen to be in the terminal 1D at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, and want to use the wifi, it is almost next to impossible on a windows a platform. Restart to Ubuntu and it just works wonders. Why? No idea, actually! Anyways, the first time I started using Ubuntu was early this year for my programming needs at IMG. However, I still use Windows because of my gaming requirements...

After quite a few off-topic articles, I, finally, get back to a techy topic. The very reason I thought I'd write something about is the fact that more and more people are turning towards Ubuntu(especially in IIT-R, as the wifi works wonders in Ubuntu).

Let's consider a few areas where the two operating systems can be compared...

Windows 7's easier as compared to its predecessors, especially before XP. Quite fast as well. No live OS system though. Considering Ubuntu, it's as fast as windows in this case. However, you can run this without affecting your system with a Live CD. In case you are running Windows and want to run Ubuntu without affecting Windows, Wubi comes to the rescue. Installation through Wubi is damn fast, though...

Eye Candy:
With the release of Windows Vista, an all new look was unveiled, called 'Aero'(I admit I had neither seen nor imagined something like this before), but that required some high end graphics to run(precisely atleast a 128 MB chipset). Until Ubuntu 11.04, people (including me) said Ubuntu was way below windows in eye candy, but then, from the first look at the Ubuntu 11.04, you feel, Ubuntu has buckled up and came with an awesome look(add to it the great effects)!

Speed and Performance:
Considering its predecessor Vista, Win 7's painless. In case your system ran Vista, you'll face absolutely no glitches! However, if you have an old PC running on Pentium III or so with hardly 256 MB/512 MB RAM, I'd recommend you go with Ubuntu rather than Windows.
File Transfers are usually the same in both OSs. Ubuntu gives a better power saving, so if you are on the road, run Ubuntu!

Drivers:In earlier versions of Windows, driver installation was a pain in the ass... However Win 7 has drivers for most software, but even then, to stay up to date, you need to update drivers manually.
Ubuntu recognises your hardware easily and automatically downlaods drivers and keeps them up to date. However, when it comes to driver issues, Windows is favourable...

In this case, by far, Windows is ahead of Ubuntu. The loads of software and the compatibility makes Windows the winner in this regard...

Software and Applications:
Although most (popular) applications come for Windows, it's far easier to download and install apps in Ubuntu (in the terminal using the sudo apt-get command). In case of compatibility issues in Ubuntu, you can use 'WINE' to run windows apps in Ubuntu (although doesn't apply for all apps like IDM). Wine creates a Windows type file system inside the Ubuntu one. Ubuntu also has a range of open source software. However, heavy software like designing ones and games run only on Windows, which makes it popular among gamers and designers.

I had thought of titling this one 'Security' but Viruses sounds better. Security means preventing viruses (in addition to spyware, adware and hacking attacks). Viruses are basically .exe files which run automatically on windows. However, in Ubuntu, special permissions are required to run a file with .exe extension. So it is virutally impossible for viruses to affect computers running Ubuntu! Also, it eliminates the need of an antivirus software in Ubuntu.

Finally, even I am not sure which one is the best for me. Guess, that's why I use both (using Wubi!)
Each one has it's own set of pros and cons and hence, I feel it's good to keep both, provided you have enough disk space!

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