Sep 10, 2013

Choosing the right ubersmartphone

July 17th, 2030
It had been a long time since I got my microphone. Significant changes in the cell phone market had taken place. The phones had gotten even smaller, this time to the size of nanometers, which would be embedded in your skin. I decided to get a new one.

"It has been such a drastic difference in the way we shop over the decades," I told K over Skype.

"Remember the days when you would order through Flipkart and it would be delivered to you, after numerous delays!" K reminded me of the times when snail mail was the way of getting things over to you, even if you were to shop online. "Why don't you come over here and we can go get the ubersmartphone together!" He said.

I entered the coordinates and pressed a button on a tiny device, shifting my gaze away from it. I felt the glow of the device transfer to my fingers as I held it in my hands. Within a fraction of a second, there I was spiraling into nothingness around me and I could not feel anything. I could see a light at the end of the tunnel and I was moving towards it steadily. Although it felt like minutes before I could see K sitting right in front of me, it was actually just a few microseconds since I had pressed the button. I had successfully transferred my consciousness to his place.

"To think this journey would have taken me hours a back in the early 2000s," I grinned. "Isn't it wonderful that I just traveled hundreds of kilometers? Good thing this beauty hasn't hit the shops yet."

"Shall we start?"

Google Glasses
We put on our Google Glasses and navigated to eBay.

Soon enough we had holographic projections giving us a really good idea of how it looked.

It was so surprising that had we shown this to a human from as recent as two decades ago, he would be mesmerized by the technology! Using it sure felt like Tony Stark.

The best part was after the selection of the product. After scanning the product, the cost of the product was deducted from bitcoins associated with my DNA. Thereafter, the product is 'printed' through a 3D printer and I get it immediately.

"It's so fascinating to look back and see how the world has changed in such a short time!" K said. "Remember those days when you had to stand in a long queue?"


This post has been written for the contest "The future of shopping" by IndiBlogger and eBay India.

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