Jul 15, 2013

The Perfect Road Trip | Through the Lens

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So, here's my story of the perfect road trip through the camera. It was day 3 of our field trip back in the second year.

The Origin: IIT Roorkee
The Road Monsters
The dilapidated roads
The companions- Geological Technology, 2015 Batch
The blue waters
The dangerous water bridge
Me and my camera
The destination- the Singhtali Syncline
"We love this place, we won't leave!"
"Nah, it won't rain today!"
"Hahahahahaaaa! They are doing the work for us" 
"Who are these aliens in my land? Err, jungles I mean."
Of course we performed some stunts; no prizes for guessing what happened to those jeans.
"Will you marry me, brave-heart?"
This is what I'd do if you don't behave yourself!

"Look, Mamma's not here to scold me!'
Yay, I found a whirlpool!
We always have fun!
Others maybe tired, not me!
An overall great ending to the day!
That, ladies and gentlemen, is how Uttarakhand looks. The tourists maybe momentarily scared by the floods, but that doesn't change the pristine beauty of the place. I am glad that I could be a part of the field trip to such a wonderful place.

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