Jul 26, 2013

New Hostel Woes

Last year, when we were allotted Radhakrishnan Bhawan, everyone was happy. Why? Just one reason- the internet! Unfortunately, this year, we had to move inevitably. Only the fact that the internet wouldn't be there was bothering me. I thought everything else would be fine.

I usually come up with a blog post on interesting observations that I make during my travels. Weirdly, although I had been up since 3 AM that morning, everything seemed normal to the eye. I knew something wasn't right, but I wondered if maybe, just maybe, I had lost my keen observational skills.

Since I was already late in coming, I told The Crazy to get my luggage out of the cloak room two days in advance and put it in my room. He had informed me that the supervisor had been a prick and not allowed that. In fact, the supervisor even refused to talk to me regarding a third person handling my luggage.

I thought at least the room would be open by the time I got back. So, I told Crazy to get a mattress and a pillow so that I get to sleep in my own room for the night at least. Seemed a brilliant plan to me. However, what he failed to convey was this. Once the supervisor left, there was no way in hell I could get the room open.

Then came plan B. But that involved catching hold of someone else. The first person I saw was Pammi (that's a  guy by the way) and he was more than happy to have my luggage till I got my room. I dumped my luggage there, and prepared to spend the night at the IMG lab.

After dinner I decided to go to Dhruv's room, next to my allotted one. While peeking at it from the balcony, I realized the back door was wide open. All I needed to do was get inside through the other room which shared the balcony with my room.

After a long wait (must have been hours before that room was opened), I finally managed to get all my stuff in through the balcony (Did I mention the stray decaying table in the balcony yet?)

A long day had passed and I as in need to the internet. I switched on the laptop and all I managed to get was a faint signal, albeit the fact that the router was just 10 meters away! It would get connected once every hundred tries and even Google would refuse to open.

The new hostel does provide things better than the my old one, but I have come to realise one thing. An internet connection is most important. Thankfully, I have IMG!

I finally got my things in place the next day, but not before I had generated enough hatred in my mind for every official involved in this hostel. Ashley Cole was right. #BUNCHOFTW*TS

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