Dec 10, 2011

the marvelous month that was (Part 3)

Part 2 of this post can be found here.

After I landed in Silchar, it was just enjoyment from the word 'Go'. The next one week really got imprinted in the forgetful mind of mine! It was the one of the best weddings I had ever witnessed. I made a lot of friends there and met so many relatives, it was just great. I am not giving details of the wedding as it'd take up more space than this, for one and secondly, I believe, a picture is worth a thousand words, I think you rather look at the album instead!
On our return trip, we decided to take the bus instead, and well, I have already mentioned the side effects of a bus journey in the Guwahati-Silchar route...

This was also the first time that I could cherish the KFC next door (it had opened in October, but I had visited Gujarat in the pujas), calling every friend of mine there and ended up going there sometimes even more than once a day!

Just when you think you have had enough excitement for a month, destiny just laughs and spits on your face! Well, I may just sound a bit too dramatic, but I believe you must decide after reading what comes next. By the time I boarded the train to Delhi, my parents were in Europe. Now, the balance in my cell before leaving Roorkee was 31.50 INR and DoCoMo had mysteriously added me to a list for something called Money Matters, which deducted thirty bucks from my balance (I should sue them for this). Anyways, Sampark Kranti was scheduled to reach Delhi at 1335 on the second day, and the Janashatabdi was at 1525 hours, I was wondering what I'd do to spend the time. To my horror, I woke up that day to find out the train was late by at least 2 hours. Oh yeah, and this was the second time I was traveling alone. I was okay, but all my family members were just freaked out! My parents tried to call me but the call didn't go through because I had insufficient balance.

Anyways, after reaching Delhi at 9.30 PM (yes, that was like eight hours late), I decided it was time to go to Roorkee. I got hold of a guy who took me to some shop deep inside some complex... The guy inside said he'd get me the tickets but he'd need all the money in advance, which did seem really, really fishy! Oh, and did I mention that I was wearing pyjamas at that time (Monte Carlo, but pyjamas nonetheless). That was the time I thought it was too much, went to the bus stop, grabbed one for Rishikesh and reached Roorkee at around 3 in the morning (after two irritatingly long stoppages in the middle).

Although just a handful of people were there for the new year, it was nonetheless, great, with my wingies (the details are not necessary). A great end to a memorable month!

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Foodilicious!! Travellicious!! said...

I never knew that Dec2010 was a month of delayed Carriers for you... But wedding was fun indeed... Thanks for being there and making it so memorable - especially your contribution towards all the photographs and the ppt u made... :)

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