Dec 31, 2011

Conquering the FIFA 12 Career Mode

The career mode in FIFA has always been really very easy over the years. I stopped playing the career mode back in FIFA 10 when playing as the manager of Accrington, jumped three tiers of English football in three years consecutive years. With the FIFA 11 version being a bit too tough, the current one is just about right!

Buy young players with OVR between 75-80:
The best way to win is to build a team. FIFA 12 takes care of the emotions of the players. If you drop a 30+ player, his OVR drops exponentially. Now, the opposite is true for a young guy. Although dropping him indefinitely is bad, but an occasional axe is required to motivate him. Whenever you search the transfer market, only do so for players less than 25 years.

Check the squad report consistently:
A striker with an ovr of 85 but form of 5.0 is supposed to play worse than a counterpart with an ovr of 75 but form of 7.0! The Squad report is an excellent way of checking the form, mood and health of your squad. Do it to make any changes.

When someone asks for a rest, do it:
Occasionally, a player will say he's feeling jaded and wants a rest. Now, playing him in the next match will only agitate him and make him perform worse. They don't ask for it too much, so when they do, make sure you give 'em a well deserved rest! Players also communicate with you when they want a match if they are in good form. Give them the next match in such cases. You are well repaid more often than not.

Use press conferences to your advantage:
In case you wanna sim a match, it's good to motivate your team before an important match. In most cases, it works. You also might wanna motivate or praise a particular player of your own team or unnerve someone from the rival team! But you must use it, as it works quite a lot.

Let the unsettled players go:
When a guy hands in a transfer request, it's best to cash in on him, no matter how important he is. Use the cash to buy a similar but younger player. Keeping a guy against his will affects the overall team morale. Plus, a little extra cash is good in the career mode. This happened to me when I was playing with Napoli (Cavani), Chelsea (Ramires) and Aston Villa (Bent). In fact, Ramires cited inappropriate weather as the reason to leave! Each time, I got enough cash to buy in a good enough performer(Dzeko, Fabregas and Sturridge respectively).

Don't buy players who are inconsistent in real life:
This happened to me when I bought Theo Walcott (no offence, Gunners!) while playing with Aston Villa. As inconsistent as he is in real life, the same form reflected in the game. I'd suggest don't ever buy players like Walcott, Andy Carroll

Take advantage of a small glitch:
When you renew the contract, it might happen that the player asks a very high wage! If you let him go, he will be available in the free agents list for less than one fourth of the price. Ronaldinho demanding $ 200k per week was released and I ended up buying him as a free agent for $ 40k, and in case of Lampard the amount dropped from $ 240k to $30k. The best part is that no team picks up free agents (the older, the better) and chances are that the longer you wait, the cheaper they become.

Players to buy in Career Mode, who are relatively cheap, but develop very fast:
David Hoilett (Blackburn Rovers)- Winger
Kevin de Bruyne (Genk)- Winger, Central Attacking Midfielder
Thibaut Courtois (Chelsea, on loan at Athletico)- Goalkeeper
Kiko (Barca B)- Winger
Fabio Borini (Roma)- Centre Forward
Jose Angel (Roma)- Left Back
Gary Cahill (Bolton)- Centre Back

However, there are a few more players, who do not have much of an ovr, but perform quite well in the game. Some of them would be Luca Cigarini (Napoli), Gabriel Agbonlahor (Aston Villa), Jamie Murphy (Motherwell) and Evaldo (Sporting CP). These guys do a tremendous job as backup in case your first XI players are injured.

In addition to it, there are a few more players, who are just a delight to have in your squad (irrespective of their age). Some of them are Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Milan),  Ribery (Bayern Munich), Honda (CSKA Moscow) and Gareth Bale (Tottenham).

Anyways, I believe you will learn more once you start doing this on your own (and maybe advise me as well). So bye bye till then!

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