Nov 4, 2013

5 things that make me unique

If you are an avid reader of my blog, you would probably know I am obsessed with the number five by now (or did you miss the five guitar solos, five worst covers and a few other scattered here and there?) Let's cut to the chase, shall we?

The Dubliners:
The reason why I listen to The Dubliners is simple- Luke Kelly. Who was Luke Kelly, you ask? He was an Irish folk singer who made some wonderful music at his peak. Although he died back in 1984 at a relatively young age, his legacy still remains. Here's a sneak peak into his world of music (this song was a part of the Sherlock Holmes soundtrack). You might still not like Irish folk, but it remains a fact that someone like him won't walk on this planet even in the next hundred years!

Back when I got my first PC, the computer guy who came had a few fixed applications that needed to be installed in a Windows 98 machine. One of them was Winamp. Although the looks have changed since then (but remained the same for the last five years or so), I still prefer using that little music player that got me addicted to music in the first place.

I have had to use iTunes since I got an iPod, but Winamp still remains an important icon in my taskbar (whenever I am on Windows).

GOM Player:
Not long back, when the MKV filesystem gained popularity, and the Windows Media Player was rendered obsolete, there was a need to shift to a new, much better video player. I switched to GOM Player. Although I am an open source enthusiast, this remains an exception as I prefer GOM over VLC. Maybe it's a mental block, but that's just the way it is.

Sublime Text:
Come to programming and you need to have a favorite text editor. People start off with VIM and the smart ones eventually move on the Emacs. What makes Sublime Text different from the rest is the appearance- it gives you a Mac feel over the very basic looks of the counterparts. There is one disadvantage though- I can't run it on a remote server, but that is not enough to stop me from using it on my local machine!

Music in languages I don't understand:
Although I get hold of most of the music in foreign languages through FIFA, Take International Love by Fidel Nadal (I presume it's Spanish), or Peponi (that's in Swahili)- people actually laugh at my choice, let alone listen to it. But I have got to say, if you do not like these, you are missing out on some great music!

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