Mar 15, 2013

The IndiBlogger-TRESemmé Ramp Ready Thing

The internet is very important to me. I order almost everything through the internet- right from pizzas to hair oil. Naturally, when I get a courier, odds are- that is related to an online purchase. That is why yesterday was different.

Late afternoon, I was alone in my hostel room minding my own business, when I got a call. I was informed that I had a courier waiting for me outside my hostel. To the best of my knowledge, I hadn't ordered anything recently, and there were certainly no pending orders(although my Flipkart wishlist has stuff worth 250k in it). I don't do drugs, nor do I drink; so there was no possibility of me doing it in my subconscious! I was quick to ask the caller if it was cash on delivery. Thankfully, it was not.

After making a very anxious walk to the hostel gates where the caller, with the least interest in the courier, was waiting, I noticed I had a small 5" x 8 " x 1" pack waiting for me. All I knew was that it was sent from somewhere in Mumbai (the mafia ring a bell?)

The package turned out to be a TRESemmé sample. I was still confused as to who would have sent it (considering, I was watching Dexter!) A friend of mine speculated it was from a secret admirer, but I know I am not that admirable! Only when I opened the pack, did I find a pamphlet inside which revealed its identity.

As a lover of free stuff, I had applied for a sample in IndiBlogger (who doesn't like free stuff?) and had completely forgotten about it. I also remember applying for a few books to review, but never received any, which had made me believe I wouldn't get this too. But here it was!

Here comes the downside to the free sample. As a matter of good faith, I am supposed to write a blog on the usage of the shampoo and the conditioner sent to me. On reading the contest details about the ramp-ready hair, I wonder why guys are even eligible for the same! I have always had a crew cut, and no matter what I do to my hair- ramp or no ramp- it would look the same.

With as many as fifteen Galaxy Tabs up for grabs, you would expect the general reviewer to shower praises on the product- not me. As I have already mentioned, shampoo brands don't really affect my hair- and this one was the same. The only difference, perhaps, was the smell (but then, which shampoo doesn't smell nice?) Ramp-ready or not, my hair is not gonna change! More like that of the poker face that Jose Mourinho is making here.

As a pre-requisite, I am supposed to put a link to TRESemmé India Youtube channel. Enjoy the models there ;)

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