Jul 15, 2012

Facebook: Encouraging Stupidity since 2004

This video titled "Facebook is a stupid idiot" came up back in early 2010 (probably earlier) by David Ippolito, popularly known as the Guitar Man. He came up with a variety of examples where people indulge in pristine stupidity. You might want to view the video of the song before reading this post. Two years on, with certain changes in Facebook, many things remain the same, but the core of the stupidity remains the same! Here are a few examples...

The fact that I find these posts stupid is entirely my opinion. I have blurred the names and profile pictures to hide identities so that there is no way to ascertain who posted 'em. These posts, in no way point to anyone. This supersedes all previous notices.

1. Posts we really do not care about:

Well, technically all posts here belong to the 'no one cares' category, but this one is a little extra special!

2. OMG. We must have been illiterate before we read this:

As the first comment says, out lives were really dull before we read this post!

3. The Occasional Drama Queen:
And what more can I say about that?

4. The Application Requests:
Probably the most irritating of all the worthless stuff lying around in Facebook.

And one more.

5. The stuff that is shared:
I admit this is a bit funny, but stupid nonetheless. We could certainly live without seeing that one(especially no 8).

6. Places:
I am not sure if it was a mistake on his part, but I know this guy and he has never left India. How the hell did he reach LA is a mystery only he (or maybe Zuck) can answer.

7. Sharing your own photos/albums, liking your own status updates/links/comments:
If I had my way, I would disable this feature of sharing/liking your own stuff! I mean this is ridiculous. The reason why you posted the stuff is because you thought it would be good in the first place. What's the point of liking it? It's like clapping with one hand, applauding your own performance, or maybe giving yourself a high five in the mirror.

8. 13-year olds talking about their love life:

If you ask me, when they are in "love", their updates are a bit bearable. But when they "break up", it's not. It makes you wanna tear your hair out! Seriously, what do they know about love?

And yes, the catchy title is the work of An IITian Superhero!

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