Apr 25, 2012

How I won my battle against a corrupt Nikon Dealer!

I had just lost my camera case back in Dubai. On coming back to R-land, I had to get one. The problem was weird. I own a semi SLR, which is too large for the cover of the basic digital cameras, and too small for the case of a proper DSLR. There was just one place to buy it. The big issue with it was that the dealer (who shall remain unnamed) was demanding more than the MRP. I thought for a sec. Had I refused to buy it, I would have to go to Delhi to get one. Eight hours would be wasted. So, I decided otherwise. But what I did do was to ask for a bill. Now, that was clever, considering what I did with it.

 This was the message that I send to Nikon with the attached bill...
(click on image to enlarge)

After a few more messages from Nikon assuring me that the matter would be resolved pretty soon.This is the message I received.

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