Jan 30, 2012

A break from blogging!

It has been nine months since I started this blog. Count the number of posts, and it averages out to around a post a week. However, my last post was almost four weeks ago. Firstly, I do not have any exams going on and secondly, today is the fifth holiday continuously! As I have not come up with anything of late, I decided it was time to ponder why I am finding it hard to think of anything to write.

The cold. The goddamn cold. I hate to say this, but after having spent most of my time in Assam, I never knew it would be this cold near the foothills of the himalayas. Although I had successfully endured an ice age last year (ironically, there was no snow or ice), I thought I would be better accustomed to handle the cold this time. However, what turns out is that I go out wearing heavy winter gear when others are wearing half T-shirts, and vice versa. But, I did spend most of my time last month in my blanket!

This was the month I was supposed to learn django(which is a framework in python, and yeah, the 'D' is silent in the pronunciation). With very basic knowledge of Python, I started doing the tutorial in the django site and realised it didn't need much knowledge of Python. There's still a long way to perfect what you do in that tutorial, but, nevertheless, this was something which kept my mind from blogging (oh, and did I happen to mention that my project incharge is a really nice guy)!

This also happens to be the month when the TV series 'Sherlock' is broadcasted(it has got an imdb rating higher than 'Friends'). Believe me, the first time I saw a picture of Benedict Cumberbatch, I just laughed out the idea of him playing Sherlock Holmes, but I must admit, I was proven wrong in the episodes that followed. On the contrary, I do believe, the portrayal of Prof Moriarty has a striking resemblance to that of the 'The Joker' from Dark Knight and Arkham City. In fact, some of his dialogues like 'You are so boring' and 'What would you be without my existence?' are exactly the same as that of Joker's. The overall modern day version of Sherlock Holmes is, nevertheless, pretty impressive and those few 90 minute episodes can keep you hooked until you find out what happens in the last minute.

A 5-day holiday (this happened due to a lot of stuff that coincided) gave me a great chance to do something new. Fortunately, I found a link to a few really nice tutorials in Photoshop. As I was clear with the basics, and could handle my way with multiple layers, I thought of giving it a try. The results were stunning, and not quite what I had expected (I got about 40 likes in one of the pics, and as I am NOT a girl, that a fairly high number)...

Insane IITians is a new blog that I and a friend started. However, for the whole month, we haven't been able to think of anything for the same. Every time I think of blogging, that pops into my mind well before this dear blog of mine...

Finally, the football transfer season. My facebook wall is filled with updates of transfer activity (but more rumors than actual news), and each time I decide to follow a story (read rumor), I end up wasting a considerable amount of time. Hazard, Lucas, Neymar, Modric- all the same. In fact, the transfer deadline day being tomorrow, I am intentionally posting this today, so that there are no distractions.

With this, I come to the end of a blog post (successfully) and since I've broken the deadlock, I guess there'll be more to follow in the coming days. Cheers!\

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