Nov 28, 2011

How 'Batman: Arkham City' surpasses its predecessor

A whopping 18 gigs of data and finally, you are ready to play Batman Arkham City. Well, not really. The process was unique. I had to do a Google search for about 2 hours, along with tweaking my system, and only then could I make it work (Phew!). Considering how impressive its predessor Arkham Asylum was, I could never give up, even if it had taken a bit longer (Did I mention  my End Sems are going on?) However, it was well worth the wait, as I realised in the few hours of play that I managed thereafter...

The first thing you notice about the game is that you do NOT start as Batman, but the professional thief Catwoman. Although it's just a simple mission, you realise from the word 'Go' that this game has a lot of excitement to offer. Thereafter, as you are still being introduced to the game, you play as Bruce Wayne, that too, in handcuffs, as you battle your way out of Arkham City prison.

One more noticeable change early on is a better gliding system. You have better control and far more options while gliding. Also, looking at the title, doesn't Arkham City seem better (or rather seem to have more opportunities) than Arkham Asylum. Well, in Arkham Asylum, you mostly are fighting inside buildings, with the occasional outdoor scene. Here in Arkham City, you have the whole city to explore, with thugs 'patrolling' the roads. Never try and fight them off, there is unlimited supply of thugs, so it's better to admire them from the rooftops.

A better combat experience also awaits you. With different unlockable moves available separately for Batman and Catwoman, you have quite a mission ahead of you to finish it all off in style. You can also play as Robin in the challenges, but that is available as separate downloadable content.

What makes this game even better is that you have a bunch of prominent villains awaiting to greet Batman: Joker, Two Face, Penguin, Quinn, Bane, Poison Ivy- you name it, with each one having an attached plot, with the two main battles of Batman vs Joker and Catwoman vs Two-Face.

I had finished each of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 in 5-6 hours, but about 3 hours of Batman has made me realise it a different ball game altogether. It is not so easy to conquer Arkham City, but everytime you decide it's enough for today, it leaves you yearning for more.

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