Aug 5, 2011

Gizmos misbehaving: Demons?

This is not the first time such a thing plagued me. Sometime back when I was in class 8 or maybe 9, a similar thing had happened. My PC had suddenly stopped booting. It kind of refused to even start! After two renowned (by Duliajan standards) dealers gave up on my precious PC (P.S. I love my gizmos, but wait, this is more of a brotherly love than what you are possibly thinking), my father finally went to a place called 'Su Dot Com(or Kom, don't remember)'. They fixed it incredibly fast, saying that there were minor issues with my motherboard. Soon after, it was attacked by a virus which was active ONLY on Win 98, but totally inactive when we switched to XP (it is noteworthy that I was indeed using Windows 98 then, and also on 31/1/07, the day Windows Vista was launched). Anyways the only solution was to format the hard disk. I only had a 20 GB hard disk then, it's ironic, but now, I have the ability to download 20 GB in about an hour! Nonetheless, I lost all my data and vowed I would never let a virus infect my PC again, and I have never lost a byte since then!

Back in '09, my HCL laptop had a similar issue. After it dropped literally dead, I went to the service centre where they replaced my motherboard. Funny thing started afterthat. Whenever I closed the lid of my laptop, it switched off automatically; infact a cold shut down (don't lecture me about settings, I checked and double checked them after this started happening). Secondly, if the charger was connected and switched on, and I selected 'Shut Down'/'Hibernate', it would start back on automatically... This baffled the engineers, who refused to change the motherboard again! After long discussions and updating the BIOS version, and two OS reinstallations, they finally agreed to do that!

In my holidays, I noticed that I had another strange problem in my laptop. Whenever I connected a headphone, the speaker would not get muted. As I also ran Ubuntu through Wubi, I restarted in Ubuntu and realised the problem persisted. Now, any one in his right mind would have to conclude that it was a hardware issue! After four phone calls and three remote logins, Dell agreed to change my motherboard. As if that was not enough, it was the same day that my Corby Pro stopped responding. Turned out it had something to do with the touchscreen... After two mobile repairing centres gave up on my cell phone, I somehow found a Samsung service centre located at some God forsaken place! They could finally make it work, but it cost me a fortune... Back to my laptop, I just got a call from Dell saying the engineer who was on his way to replace my motherboard has just met with an accident, and they won't be able to send anyone until Monday. Weird? Just read on...

Now, I have been watching the T.V. series 'Supernatural' a lot for the last couple of months. Such events are explained there by the existence of spirits or demons(or a Pagan God)! Well, with this happening to me for the third time, I surely can't rule out the possibility of a demon, especially with the fact that the world is ending on 21st December next year! And also the fact that my PC back then and my cell now were couldn't be fixed by exactly two dealers before some soul was qualified enough! Don't you notice a pattern?!? Guess I'll just pile up rocksalt, and I suggest you do the same :P But forget patterns, this is certainly the devil at work!

P.S. The apocalypse was supposed to start 21th May this year, but it didn't... Maybe it has been postponed by a few months, years or even more!

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