Sep 7, 2018 Scam

My email to Drapino Customer Care after a chain of correspondence.

Hi Akshay,

How do you have the audacity to first send the wrong product and then ask me to:
  • Return the product at my own cost
  • Further deduct a "nominal cost" of 250 (which is 15% of the cost of the product) - remind me why would you deduct a cost for your own mistake?
  • Not refund me the money but add it to drapino wallet
What makes you think I will shop from drapino every again?

Please do one of the following:
  • Ship the correct product right away
  • Process a FULL refund to my method of payment
If you do not have the authority to act on either of these resolutions, kindly escalate it to your superiors.

In case either of these resolutions is not taken, I am putting in a formal complaint to a consumer court within this week.

Their reply? You can see for yourself.

Please avoid buying from them. Their return policy says the same thing.

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